Indiana ABA Institute provides individualized Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities and behavioral issues. Treatment is provided both in our Fort Wayne clinic and in-home.

The technologies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focus on using positive IMG_0697approaches to increase skills and decrease problem behaviors, all with the goal of helping individuals strengthen relationships and function as independently as possible in their home and community.

All intervention services begin with an assessment, such as functional behavior assessment, and/or a skills assessment, such as a Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). An individualized behavior program is then developed based upon the assessment results, the input from caregivers, and approaches supported by the empirical research in behavior analysis.

Autism (ASD) Services– ABA is used to teach individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder how to learn, communicate, relate to others, and even to play. Verbal behavior training, toilet training, academic skills training and social skill training are a few of the areas commonly focused on in our individualized treatment plans.

IABAI offers early intensive behavioral intervention to children with autism and other language/learning delays. This also includes extensive caregiver training and consultation for the development of Individual Education Plans. IABAI also provides ABA for adolescents to address skill deficits and problem behaviors commonly associated with ASD.

Developmental Disabilities– ABA is used to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in strengthening communication, self-care and a variety of skills necessary to be as independent as possible in their homes and community.

IABAI offers individualized plans to increase skills and decrease problem behaviors, should they occur, for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Consultation for educational supports and for Individual Education Plan development is available. Plans to assist individuals in the workplace and to support a transition to a lesser-restrictive or independent living environment can be developed for adolescents and adults.

Behavior Supports– ABA is used to develop effective strategies for families to overcome challenging behaviors and support the development of their child.

Parent & Caregiver Training– IABAI provides an extensive training program to teach positive approaches to everyday parenting situations and problematic behaviors. The techniques have proven effectiveness with children of all ages.

Professional Development Training– IABAI provides workshops on topics related to behavior, autism, and developmental disabilities. The trainings are specifically designed to meet the needs identified by the organization. Recent workshops have been provided to speech pathologists, teachers, HeadStart staff, parent support groups and church youth workers, to name a few.